Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof Flooring in Raleigh, NC

Do your remodeling goals involve improving the look, aesthetic appeal, and strength of your favorite rooms? If so, then visit Brentwood Flooring America and discover new and exciting directions for your project. We offer waterproof flooring in Raleigh, NC. Visit our showroom to view our extensive catalog, find the right flooring, and attain picture-perfect results. With our help, getting new flooring is a simple and stress-free experience.

Our showroom provides a complete, personalized approach to service. We have teamed up with well-known manufacturers and brands, such as Stainmaster, Armstrong, and Downs, to provide a vast selection of water-resistant vinyl flooring, carpeting, and more. The flooring is available in different colors and styles, which will provide nearly limitless options for your interior design.

Advantages of Waterproof Flooring

Waterproof flooring is a type of material that is engineered for areas with high activity. As its name suggests, this flooring type is meant to resist water and most water-based liquids. Its tough composition ensures the surface repels spills and stains easily. As a result, this flooring is:

  • Resistant against Dust and Dirt
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great for Households with Pets and Children
  • Ideal for High-Traffic, Common Areas

At our showroom, we are proud to offer a variety of waterproof floors, giving you plenty of options for completing your project. Whether you wish to re-floor the bedrooms and common areas or the kitchen and bath, there’s a resilient flooring material waiting for you.

A Diverse Product Selection

Get the right flooring that meets your needs. Our showroom offers water-resistant vinyl flooring. Thanks to its non-porous surface and robust construction, this flooring type is a great addition to kitchens and bathrooms. It holds well against heavy foot traffic and remains easy to clean. On top of that, we offer a line of waterproof luxury vinyl planks which have the appearance of hardwood. Now, you may have the natural beauty of wood without worrying about the damaging effects of moisture and humidity.

Homeowners may also consider our waterproof carpet. The soft textures of the carpet provide a welcoming ambiance and also have sound-dampening capabilities. As a result, this flooring is a good choice for homes that have children and pets. Our carpeting also incorporates resilient dyes and specialized fibers which make it easier to repel water. Cleanup is quick and easy when you choose water-resistant carpeting.

Installation on Your Terms

Flooring that is installed properly ensures it will look great and last long. When it is time to complete your remodeling project, let our team lead the way. Our showroom can facilitate professional, water-resistant flooring installation according to your schedule. Whether you are re-flooring a single room or your entire property, our trained and experienced team will work carefully to ensure you get the results you want -- and all according to your schedule.

Contact us to learn more about our selection of water-resistant flooring. Our showroom is located in Raleigh, NC, and serves Wake Forest, Youngsville, Louisburg, Garner, and the surrounding area.


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