Vinyl Flooring

Finding the Perfect Luxury Vinyl Floors for Your Home

Vinyl Flooring in Raleigh, NC

Have you always dreamed of wood-look floors but worried that the hassle of hardwood upkeep wouldn't suit your active lifestyle? If so, then our collection of luxury vinyl floors here at Brentwood Carpets Flooring America in Raleigh, North Carolina, is an excellent choice for you.  These luxury vinyl planks seamlessly mimic the look of real hardwood with state-of-the-art visuals but still maintain their vinyl flooring features of stain and water resistance. Our professionals have extensive product and brand knowledge, as they've been trained to guide you through the selection process and find the perfect design that will work with your home decor. 

Stop by our expansive showroom to sift through our beautiful collections of luxury vinyl planks and tiles so you can get the wood-look or stone-look floor of your dreams for a fraction of the cost. We carry Flooring America brand-exclusive products from suppliers such as Downs H2O, Spotlight Values, and Galvanite.

Differences in Vinyl Flooring Products

Vinyl flooring has come a long way since its inception. While original sheet vinyl is still available today, we offer higher-end products that have been designed with advanced flooring technology to produce luxury vinyl tiles and planks. Luxury vinyl planks come in a plank shape and show the real look and feel of hardwood flooring, while luxury vinyl tile comes in the traditional tile shapes and typically features a stone or concrete look. 

The best part about luxury vinyl flooring is that it is more durable than sheet vinyl, with a thicker protective wear layer that resists scratches and stains. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile adds a touch of charm and elegance to any space. When it comes to new floors, LVT offers a multitude of options for both residential and commercial property owners. Replicate the magnificent look of ceramic or porcelain with this comfy alternative, which is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and other high-moisture areas. Our LVT is produced with an uncanny tile appearance, with depth and textures to convince even the most observant visitors. Easier to install than true ceramic tile, grouting is not required for LVT. While many people choose this choice for a porcelain, ceramic, or marble look, wood-look LVT is also available.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

As one of our most popular products, luxury vinyl plank is the ideal compromise for families that enjoy a hardwood floor but want desire more comfort and longevity. LVP has a softer feeling underfoot and can tolerate spills, heat, and foot traffic that can cause natural wood floors to warp. The top layer of LVP is formed utilizing advanced photographic technology, resulting in a stunning decorative layer that draws attention with authentic-looking whirls and grain patterns. Our LVP inventory contains everything from mahogany's rich crimson hues to the delicate, soft tones of birch and oak.

The Ease of Vinyl Flooring Upkeep

You can rest assured knowing that your luxury vinyl floors can be installed in any room of the home. Now you can get a hardwood look in your kitchen or that ceramic stone-look for your bathroom without having to worry about your floors coming into contact with moisture.

All of the luxury vinyl products we carry here at Brentwood Carpets only require low maintenance upkeep, such as regular vacuuming, sweeping and damp mopping. These cleaning methods ensure that your floors will retain their brand new look for years down the road.

Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

All of the vinyl brands we carry here at Brentwood Flooring America in Raleigh, NC, are considered waterproof flooring solutions. Our line of Downs H2O Life products are not only waterproof but also dent-resistant, making them the perfect flooring choice for busy areas of your household. With a 20 mil wear layer, these planks are highly resistant to scratching, and their foam backing also provides excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation to keep you warm in the winter.

Luxury Vinyl Installation With Our Specialists

You can save money and time when you hire our team of professional installers to install your luxury vinyl floors. You don't want to risk your flooring with an inexperienced installer, as a simple error can result in years of damage down the road. Our installers are guaranteed to meet your standards. They'll also repair the floors for free if there's a fault in the workmanship. They arrive with all of the necessary tools and resources to make installing your new luxury vinyl floors a breeze.

With a simple click and lock system, installing your luxury vinyl floors takes almost no time at all, and you can begin living on them immediately. 

Contact us today at Brentwood Carpets in Raleigh and let our experts help you find your beautiful new luxury vinyl floors. Our flooring experts proudly serve Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, and Louisburg, North Carolina.


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