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Create a beautiful basement area by installing high impact, low maintenance carpet tiles for many hours of family fun.

Making full use of a basement depends on several factors, such as whether it has been attractively finished or not. Insulation, heating and cooling, the proximity of a bathroom and of course, the fittings and fixtures all help to determine whether your basement is a place of beauty and a pleasure to be in, or you just want to run screaming from it. One of the most popular uses for a basement is as an entertainment or family room, where games, music and fun abound, but for that, you need to have the right flooring.

Choosing a Basement Flooring Option

Most basements have concrete floors as a default, and achieving your vision for the basement depends on finding the right covering. Carpet can be a difficult choice, partly because of its absorbent properties. Basements are very prone to developing leaks, moisture and even water damage, and having a luxurious carpet underfoot can make it difficult to keep clean. Certain options work well enough in a basement, however, and carpet tiles is one of those.

Easy In, Easy Out

Two reasons carpet tiles are a good option for basements is because they are easy to install, and if you have a professional company lay them your project could be completed in a few hours. They are also easy to remove if you develop water damage, which a full-size, wall-to-wall carpet makes impossible to do. This is especially true if you select either a patterned tile or a checker-board look, because you’re less likely to spot any new-ish tiles than you would if you have a uniform carpet color throughout.

Pick the Right Product

Selecting the right product is important to ensure your basement is not only beautiful but as functional as it can be. A low pile carpet tile is less absorbent than thicker types of carpet, and will recover much faster after a leak or flood. It also dries quicker after cleaning, which can be more frequent in a basement where the family comes together to play. The most practical type of tile is manufactured from synthetic materials like nylon or polyester, which resist water and dirt more easily than natural fibers. If you prefer a more luxurious look it’s best to have it treated with a mildew-resistant substance.

For assistance in choosing the right carpet for your basement, please contact Brentwood Flooring America at Raleigh: (919) 617-9327 | Cary: (919) 794-6239.