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Area Rugs in Cary and Raleigh, NC

Area rugs provide many benefits in homes with hard surface floors. Get top rug ideas for your home from our experts at Brentwood Flooring America in Cary and Raleigh, NC. Our showrooms have a large collection of elaborate designs with varying dimensions to fit any space. Give your beautiful hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl flooring some contemporary flair with our soft neutrals. 

Brentwood Carpets Flooring America fabricates custom area rugs in their warehouse. We specialize in “Cut to Fit’ Rugs. We have over 13,000 styles and colors to choose from. We offer wide binding and serging. We offer delivery and set up service as well. We feature famous brands such as Stanton, Karastan, Milliken, Nourison, Tuftex, and Fabrica.


Fashion Meets Practicality With the Addition of Area Rugs

Add a touch of warmth to your living room or dining room with a new area rug from Brentwood Flooring America. Many customers are surprised at how much of an impact an area rug can make in transforming a space. Area rugs are versatile and can be permanently bound to your floor or changed seasonally to accommodate vibrant summer colors and the crisp scarlet and gold of autumn. When incorporating area rugs into your home designs, keep in mind that these pieces are more than just decorative elements; they can also be functional. Here are several reasons why purchasing an area rug is a worthy investment for your home:

  • Area Rugs Provide Added Comfort to Any Surface

If you prefer to walk around barefoot, the addition of an area rug will provide a more comfortable surface to walk on each day. When the colder weather arrives, your rug will also help insulate the room and promote a cozy and warm ambiance against the wood or vinyl below.

  • Area Rugs Serve as Floor Cushions & Prevent Slippage

Whether you have young children or senior-age family members at home, an area rug can prevent slippage on hard surfaces and serve as cushioning in case an accidental fall occurs. Your child will also have a comfortable space to play on, minimizing the risk of injury.

  • Area Rugs Help Reduce Noise

When you walk into a large room with minimal furniture, you’ll likely find an echoing sensation as a result of hard surfaces and high vaulted ceilings. Adding an area rug into these spaces can reduce noise pollution and echoes. With shag rugs, homeowners can muffle the noise and vibration of their footsteps as well. This can be particularly beneficial for residents living on the top floor of a condo or apartment complex.

  • Area Rugs Define Spaces

While open floor plans have defined the modern home, shared spaces often require a little definition. Add an area rug around your sofa and TV set to create a lounge space in contrast to a nearby kitchenette. Residents of studio apartments can greatly transform their loft with a rug of their choice!

  • Area Rugs Provide Stable Surface for Furniture

Keep your furnishings safely in place with a new floor rug and kiss slip pads goodbye! You can easily place the ends of a coffee table or sofa over a rug to prevent your furniture from sliding into walls.

  • Area Rugs Protect the Floor

Working as a shield for your hardwood, tile, vinyl, or laminate, an added rug will stop moisture or pet accidents from penetrating the surface below.

Professional Area Rug Binding

At Brentwood Flooring America, we provide professional area rug binding so you can be confident that your rug will stay in place for years to come. While some of our customers choose to swap out the use of their rugs, many would prefer a more permanent solution. Whether you want to protect your floors for good or cover existing damages, professional binding will do the trick.

Our team of technicians has all the necessary tools and resources to bind area rugs. Their experience with binding tape and staples will ensure a fast and effective binding operation, allowing you to start utilizing your area rug right away. Brentwood Flooring America is not just your average flooring company; we're also deeply connected to our communities. We're proud members of the World Floor Covering Association, the national governing body for proper floor covering installation. Our team also stays active in communities through participation in the Raleigh and Cary Chambers of Commerce as well as the Home Builders Associations of Wake County.

Indoor and Outdoor Rug Fashions

While most area rugs are associated with indoor spaces, our local store also features area rugs suitable to cover porches, sunrooms, decks, or pool areas. You can count on us to provide the resources you require with materials built to withstand the natural elements. Polypropylene, polyester, and nylon are all common materials built for pool-side rugs and coverings. Shop our sunny collections perfect for warmer days on the patio. 

Contact us today and visit our showroom to begin viewing all of our latest rug fashions! Be sure to ask our in-store associates about our comprehensive flooring services. We proudly serve clients in Cary, Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Youngsville, NC, among the surrounding areas.